Cope with undesired behaviors. Better manage anxiety and pain.

Why Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy can help you control undesired behaviors and cope better with anxiety or pain. Certified hypnotherapist, Kimberly Warhurst, ensures a calm, relaxing environment that fosters trust and confidence throughout the entire process.

Unlike what you often see in the movies, hypnotherapy isn’t a swinging watch in front of your face. Although your body is more open to suggestion while under hypnosis, you don’t actually lose control over your behavior.

Have you ever caught yourself “daydreaming?” That’s a form of hypnosis! Kimberly helps bring our body to this natural state in order to bring about a desired change.

Smoking Cessation

Pain Management

Sports Performance

Public Speaking

Weight Loss



NeuroLinguistic Programming


Exam Anxiety


About Kimberly Warhurst C. Ht.

Kimberly Warhurst is a 40-year resident of Shreveport, LA. She loves helping people live their best lives through her job as a hypnotherapist. She takes pride in her success and views her client’s success as her own.

She works from a private home office and finds that her clients like the privacy and comfort that her home office provides. Each client has a personalized session that is tailored to their specific situation and needs.

Kimberly is a certified hypnotherapist with specialty certifications for test anxiety, grief, sports performance, tinnitus, pain management, weight loss, smoking cessation, anxieties and fears, trauma, ADD/ADHD, PTSD, and for the caregiver. She plans to continue to add to her specialties each year.

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